Understanding Explosion Proof Motors

Posted - September 13, 2023


A motor under a high level of stress can quickly become a safety concern. If its surface becomes hot enough to ignite ambient gases, vapors, or dust, it may cause an explosion. An insulation failure or malfunction with the power supply could likewise have the same result. That’s why explosion proof motors are absolutely necessary for certain industrial applications.

Explosion Proof Motor Texas

What is an Explosion Proof Motor

Explosion proof motors are motors specifically designed to contain any internal explosions without igniting any external elements. Essentially, they reduce fire risks in industrial facilities where any kind of open flame could easily result in disaster. Different types of explosion proof motors are rated for different situations. They are categorized by class, division, and group.


Explosion proof motors are divided into three classes, which are based on location. Class I denotes a location that has flammable vapors known to ignite, like acetylene and gasoline vapors, in the air. Class II is used for locations with combustible dust (grain dust, coal dust, etc). Class III locations have high concentrations of wood shavings, textiles, or other easily ignitable fibers.


Divisions, like classes, are related to location. A division I location is hazardous under normal operating conditions, while a division II location is only hazardous in extenuating circumstances (i.e. gas leaks or spills involving flammable substances).


Groups are used to designate which types of flammable substances are present at a given facility. Groups A through D include common chemicals and vapors like hydrogen, ethylene, acetone, and acetylene. Groups E through G cover flammable particulate matter ranging from sugar to sawdust.

Purchasing an Explosion Proof Motor

When purchasing an explosion proof motor, you must make sure to choose one with the proper class, division, and group designations for your application. If you have any questions, contact BK Industrial Solutions. We supply high-quality explosion proof motors in Louisiana and Texas, and will be happy to assist in any way you require. Give us a call at (409) 838-1641, send an email to sales@bkindsolutions.com, or click here to request a quote today.