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For any motor that is under high levels of stress, it is important you know you are protected from any explosions that could potentially occur. Having an explosion proof motor is a great way to meet the heavy demands of your operations, while ensuring the safety of your workers. If you are a business in the Texas or Louisiana area, B K Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor for industrial three-phase and single-phase explosion-proof motors. We stock leading brands Baldor, WEG, and Toshiba, with each model offering different benefits, depending on your application.

In addition to explosion proof gasoline motors, B K Industrial Solutions also offers explosion proof electric motors. With both gasoline and electric applications, these motors are intended to keep any combustion or explosion within the motor’s protective shell. This can come especially handy in work environments where highly flammable or explosive chemicals can be in the air. If even a small explosion were to occur in the motor without the proper explosion proofing, it could react volatilely with other chemicals present in the air.

For a replacement motor, send a picture of your existing motor’s name plate, or the information listed on the name plate, to receive a quote for a replacement. We also provide quotes on specialized machines.

For more information on how to protect your operations with an explosion proof motor, contact B K Industrial Solutions at 409-838-1641, or use our online form to request a free quote.