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Industrial Supplies

From paint to lubricants to solvents, tools, sealants, and batteries — BK Industrial Solutions offers high-quality mill and maintenance supplies that help keep your Louisiana facility safe and organized. Our offerings also extend to lubricants, paint, specialty chemicals, degreasers and thread sealers from CRC Industries, Krylon, Vibra-tite, and Energizer. These manufacturers are worldwide leaders in the production of industrial, automotive, marine fluids, maintenance supplies and they adhere to the strictest guidelines for quality in all facets of research, development, and production.

Each of our industrial mill and maintenance supply brands is carefully selected to offer the products our customers have come to expect. This includes hand tools, specialized mechanic and maintenance tools and top of the line air tools for all applications. Lubrication products, including food grade lubricants as well as batteries, charging systems and new technologies in longer lasting batteries are also part of our inventory.

For OEMs and contract manufacturers, we also provide a full range of industrial mill and maintenance supply cleaners and coatings, paints and other required fluids. We can provide the cutting and tapping fluids you need as well as the corrosion inhibitors for decreased maintenance. We also provide high quality environmentally friendly or green cleaning solutions, making us your one-stop location for all your industrial mill and maintenance supply needs.

Our customers in Louisiana will be able to take advantage of our complete lines of these top brands for maintenance and industrial mill products. With our customer support and ease of ordering, we offer an efficient, easy way to order your maintenance products through one supplier, simplifying orders, payments, and your inventory management and restocking programs.

Contact us for a quote online, or call 409-838-1641.