Unmounted bearings

BK Industrial Solutions supplies OEMs and repair shops with the top brands of unmounted bearing units. Unmounted ball bearings are constructed as a ring of steel balls held in place by a rotating cage. The engineering of the bearing cage loaded with ball bearings allows normal and axial loading and tolerates high speed rotation. These bearings may be protected by polymer seals or metal shields on one or both sides. Ball bearing sections have many designs which feature and specify thickness, speed, precision tolerances, loading, sealing, bore size, and durability of life. Options are known as light, extra light, thin, extra thin, max, and deep groove sections.

Unmounted roller bearing sections are designed in a similar way as ball bearing sections, and are suitable for a broad variety of protected equipment. These sections are normally chosen over ball bearing units because of higher normal loading. Roller bearing sections include needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings and cam followers.

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