Power Transmission Couplings

Mechanical power transmission couplings are more than just a way to connect an industrial motor to the driven equipment. They also help compensate for extreme conditions, to minimize damage from those conditions, and to provide a fail-safe to protect more expensive components. Today’s designs include jaw couplings, elastomeric couplings, gear couplings, grid couplings, and chain couplings. These products are selected based on speed, power handling, alignment specifications, and allow for modification of damping and stiffness in rotating equipment, both in axial and normal directions as well as compensation for misalignment. Many coupling designs use plastics in complex loading applications, and rigid couplings may be used for extreme power handling where misalignment and flexibility are not required. Some power transmission couplings have joints with limited travel distances between the joint components. These factors make a good coupling design a critical task, which can be helped by BK Industrial Solutions experienced understanding of coupling designs, and your equipment’s specifications.

BK Industrial Solutions is an authorized distributor for industrial power transmission couplings including Rexnord, Falk, Dodge, IDC Select, Martin, and Great Lakes Industries. These brands are known for quality, durability, and superior engineering of industrial processes and rotating equipment system design.

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