Which Industries Use Power Transmission Equipment?

Posted - April 28, 2023

Power transmission equipment is a broad category. It encompasses many different products with many different applications. As a result, it plays a crucial role in a vast array of industries, including the following:

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry requires the use of several types of power transmission equipment for oilfield production. Mud pump bushings, sheaves, and belts are often needed for oilfield applications.

oil and gas industry

Material Handling

Most material handling applications would be impossible without conveyors. Therefore, power transmission products like conveyor pulleys, belting, belt idlers, belt cleaners, screw conveyors, and skirtboard rubber are all essential to the industry.

Mining and Aggregate

The mining and aggregate industry often involves moving vast quantities of rock and other materials from one place to another. Conveyor components like shaft mount reducers, belting, and mounted bearings play a significant role in making mining operations possible.

Petrochemical and Plastics

Petrochemical producers use power transmission equipment like AC motors, couplings, bearings, and seals (among other things) to keep their operations running smoothly.

Power Generation

The power generation industry, which encompasses everything from coal to wind based operations, needs products like motors, conveyors, bearings, couplings, and gear reducers to perform basic operations and maximize power output.

power generation industry

Food and Beverage

Conveyor components are a necessary part of the food and beverage industry, as they help keep production lines running smoothly and efficiently.

Industrial Manufacturing

A wide range of mechanical power transmission products, including but not limited to belts, sheaves, motors, and bushings, have use in the industrial manufacturing industry.

Pulp and Paper

Businesses in the pulp and paper industry utilize AC motors, couplings, bearings, seals, conveyors, and a wide variety of other types of power transmission equipment in their production operations.

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