Posted - December 1, 2016

Precision Pulley is the industry leader for conveyor pulleys. Their product range includes a complete line of pulleys for just about every application. From large turbines, to small construction loads, Precision Pulley drives the industry forward.

  • Single Disc Pulley

The Single Disc Pulley (SDE) contains a continuous weld of the disc, all the way up to the rim. It has been manufactured with hardwearing materials, and rugged construction. It is a full-steel, single-disc pulley, and has the ability to both decrease overall stress, as well as deflection (the most common effects of pulley fatigue). All SDE Pulleys are available with various types of bushing systems.

  • Drum Pulley

The Precision Pulley Texas flagship product is the all-new ProDuty drum pulley. This unique pulley is known for its versatility, able to meet the needs of a variety of applications, big, and small.

  • Spiral Wing Pulley

The Spiral Wing Pulley is formed by a flat bar with each end helically wound around the pulley body, towards the other. The pulley itself is welded to full steel wings, spaced at periodic intervals so as to allow the free discharge of excess material from the sides of the conveyer belt. The key advantage of this design is that there is continuous contact with the belt itself during each and every rotation. This markedly reduces noise and vibration without interfering in the pulley’s self-cleaning action. Like its single disc counterpart, the Spiral Wing Pulley is also available with different bushing configurations.

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