Posted - June 28, 2019

A coupling is a device designed and manufactured to link two shafts together at their ends in order to transmit power. Normally, couplings do not allow shafts to disconnect during operation. However, when certain torque limits are exceeded, torque limiting couplings may slip or disconnect.

Enter: the Falk coupling. Our team at BK Industrial Solutions is ready to provide you with the Falk couplings in Texas you need for your specific applications.

Falk Coupling Benefits

Some of the main features of Falk couplings:

  • Introduce mechanical flexibility or provide for the misalignment of shafts
  • Provide for the disconnection in cases of alterations or repairs AND for the connection of shafts of units manufactured separately, such as a generator and motor
  • Protect against overloads
  • Reduce the transmission of shock loads between shafts
  • Change the vibration of rotating units

Clamped Coupling

A compression or clamped rigid Falk coupling in Texas is provided in two parts and connects around the shafts to develop a sleeve. This coupling provides greater flexibility than sleeved models and is applicable for fixed-in-place shafts.

These couplings are of size that screws can pass through the coupling entirely and into the second half, creating a secure connection. Applications involving heavy loads or industrial equipment utilize flanged rigid couplings. These couplings consist of short sleeves.

Rotating Coupling

The premier purpose of rotating couplings is to connect two pieces of rotating equipment together while allowing some measure of end movement or misalignment, or both. When carefully selected, install, and maintain, these couplings can provide considerable savings in the form of lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime.

Sleeve Coupling

A sleeve coupling has a pipe with a bore finished to the necessary tolerance according to the size of the shaft. A keyway is made in the bore according to the use of the coupling for the purpose of transmitting torque by means of the key. The coupling is locked in position by means of two threaded holes. Another name for the sleeve coupling is the box coupling.

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