Posted - March 25, 2019

A gearbox is defined as a mechanical device used to decrease and increase torque through the application of speed reductions and increases. A minimum of two gears are included in the device with one of the gears driven by the motor. The relationship between speed of the gearbox and the gear ratio is inversely proportional. Conveyors and cranes are examples of constant speed applications that commonly use gearboxes that produce increased torque. A prime example of an effective gearbox is the Dodge gearbox.

Texas is served by a premier provider of quality mechanical devices, including gearboxes. At BK Industrial Solutions, we offer Dodge gearboxes to help you fulfill the specific needs of your application and operational requirements.

Gearbox Features

A gearbox is comprised of a driving gear circumcise connected to a driving mechanism – for instance, a diesel engine or electric motor connected to another larger or smaller diameter gear which is coupled to a driven mechanical load. If the driven mechanism is to operate at a higher speed than the driving mechanism, the diameter of the second gear is smaller. If this speed of the driven mechanism is to be slower than the speed of the driving mechanism, the diameter of the second year is larger. As a mechanical motor attachment, a Dodge gearbox produces the following:

  • Transformation to motor high speed and low torque from motor low speed and high torque
  • Transformation to motor low speed and high torque from motor high speed and low torque
  • A timing belt or chain with a 1:1 gear ratio may be used to run the gear head and effectively used to keep the motor vibration transfer to the load to a minimum.

Help with Gearbox Selection

As an experienced provider of Dodge gearboxes, our team at BK Industrial Solution is able to assist you in the gearbox selection process. With the selection of the right gearbox device, you can achieve the benefits of a mechanical motorized system that delivers high efficiency and performance on a consistent basis.

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