Posted - May 8, 2017

Couplings, as the name indicates, are devices used to couple (join) together one or more drive elements or shafts. Shaft couplings are very common in the automobile industry. The drive shaft, for example, acts as a connecting device to the rear axle of a vehicle. This coupling is achieved by something called a universal joint. Among the many companies that produce such connecting devices is Rexnord. Couplings by this company have a reputation among their Texas and other customers for delivering. At BK Solutions, we offer many different kinds of couplings produced by Rexnord including those by

Types of Rexnord Shaft Couplings

Rexnord produces a variety of shaft couplings. Some fall under the Falk name. Among the most commonly available are the following:

  • Disc Couplings: Customers prize this type of coupling for extreme durability. Such Rexnord brands as Thomas offer optimal performance for applications driven by turbine and electric motor engines

  • Elastomeric Couplings: Elastomeric couplings are composed of an elastic polymer. This type of plastic, demonstrated in Rexnord Omega couplings has a very high failure strain.  They are flexible and do not require lubrication

  • Grid Couplings: If you are looking for the industry standard in this category, go no further than Rexnord Falk Steelflex grid couplings. Across Texas and throughout North America, these have a solid reputation for durability, excellent performance, and versatility

  • Fluid Couplings:  This hydrodynamic device transmits rotating mechanical power in equipment such as automobile transmissions Rexnord couplings of this type include Falk True Torque Fluid Couplings

While other types of couplings, including jaw and chain couplings, Rexnord produces only the above.

Rexnord Couplings

The Rexnord Corporation has been producing couplings for more than 100 years. Their product is available throughout the North America and Europe. In Texas, you can order Rexnord couplings from our agents at BK Industrial Solutions. We can advise you as to what type will deliver the most cost-effective and effective solution for your industry.