Posted - December 24, 2018

In the world of power transmission products, a coupling is a device that facilitates the transmission of power to the connection of two separate shafts at their ends. During operation, disconnection from the shafts is normally prevented by the couplings. However, in cases in which a torque limit is exceeded, torque limiting couplings may disconnect or slip. The device that the industry turns to in situations like these is the Falk coupling. Texas vendor BK Industrial Solutions has the right industry experience to provide you with high quality couplings and other power transmission products you need.

When determining which vendor to choose for a Falk coupling in the state of Texas, it is important to make sure the vendor has experience helping customers achieve their project goals through the devices they supply. You can review company references to verify the vendors experience, capabilities and reliability. The vendor you choose should also have a solid understanding of the various types of couplings available and their uses as described below.

Rotating Coupling

The chief purpose of rotating couplings is the connection of two rotating pieces of equipment while allowing a certain measure of movement or misalignment, or both.

Coupling Uses

A Falk coupling is used in equipment and machinery for a number of reasons. These include:

  • To present mechanical flexibility or provide for the misalignment of the shafts
  • To provide protection against overloads
  • To provide for the connection of separately manufactured shaft units (i.e. generator and motor) and provide for disconnection for alterations or repairs
  • To modify vibration of rotating
  • to lessen the transmission of shock loads between shafts

Clamped Coupling

Compression or clamped rigid couplings consists of two parts and form a sleeve as they fit together around the shafts. They provide a greater amount of flexibility and sleeve couplings can be incorporated with fixed in place shafts. Their size is generally such that the screws can traverse completely through the coupling, penetrating the second half which ensures a strong hold. Rigid, flanged couplings are designed for industrial equipment or heavy loads and possess short sleeves

Sleeve Coupling

A sleeve coupling has a pipe with the board is finished to specified tolerances in accordance with the size of the shaft. Depending on how the coupling is used, a keyway is manufactured in the bore which enables the transmission of the torque. The coupling is locked in position by means of two threaded holes. These couplings are also referred to as box couplings. With these couplings, the ends of the shafts are coupled together and surrounded by the sleeve.

If you are looking to add Falk coupling devices to your operations for project, contact us today at BK Industrial Solutions for information about your options or to request a free quote.