Posted - October 30, 2017

Industrial companies across the power, petrochemical, aggregate, refining, construction, and bulk handling industries need smooth-flowing equipment that will not break down or cause delays. Even the smallest parts can cause trouble if not up to the tough tasks put on them by these heavy jobs. Rexnord bearings in Texas offer the type of smooth movement and 24/7 functionality every piece of equipment needs.

Bearings come in a wide variety of styles and materials based on the job they are destined to do. Choosing the right type can make a considerable difference in the function of machinery and its longevity as well.

Types of Rexnord Bearings in Texas

Many of the moving parts in machinery and equipment used in industrial companies use various types of bearings to keep things flowing smoothly and to reduce friction. The Rexnord brand covers multiple uses with high-quality, long-lasting parts.

Ball Bearings – While ball bearings are simple spheres of metal held within a circular housing, the job they do is considerably important. Any spinning shaft or rod in a piece of machinery would build up far too much friction to work right without them.

Cylindrical Roller Bearings – These take ball bearings to the next level with solid cylinders that rotate around the machine’s shaft. Rexnord offers them up to 16-inches in diameter and separately as inner and outer rings and roller parts.

Filament Bearings – Instead of steel or aluminum, these are manufactured from self-lubricating fiberglass and resin bearings. The unique material reduces corrosion and extends the useful life before they need replacement. When weight is an issue, filament bearings save up to 77% over metals.

Sleeve Bearings – Different applications require different ranges of motion within the machinery. Sleeve bearings do not use balls that rotate around the shaft, but two hollow tubes that slide around each other to reduce friction.

Spherical Roller Bearings – Although these bearings are not spheres themselves, they do allow for non-linear movement of parts. Much like a ball-and-socket joint in the body, these spherical roller bearings support rotating parts and those that can rotate in more than two dimensions.

Why Choose Rexnord Bearings

Trusted manufacturers of both large and small machine components understand that reliability and strength are essential characteristics. Rexnord bearings in Texas represent the type of quality necessary for smooth operation and reduced maintenance and repair needs and has for over 70 years. These all affect productivity and, ultimately, profits.

To keep production high and operations running smoothly, we at BK Industrial Solutions offer the best products and the type of customer service you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the industrial, petrochemical, electrical, construction, and handling industries.