Posted - February 7, 2019

Managing, maintaining and repairing industrial power transmissions is never an easy task. Failure of components in these systems can cause production to come to a grinding halt, creating a significant loss of production and impacting the company’s bottom line.

In Texas and Louisiana, companies often work exclusively with one of the top industrial bearing suppliers in the area. This allows the company to have spare bearings to fit their equipment on hand or to know getting the parts needed is just a simple phone call away.

Finding the best industrial bearing suppliers starts with taking the time to research the various companies in the two states. There are several, but each offers differences that may make them a better choice for your business to partner with in ordering components.

In-Stock Inventory

Not all bearing suppliers carry a full inventory of the products they have listed online. They do have access to these parts, but they are shipped directly from the manufacturer as ordered by customers, which can create a longer turnaround time on orders.

By focusing on finding a bearing supplier that focuses on electrical and mechanical power transmission parts and systems, including the harder to find bearings for older models of equipment, there is less chance of having to wait for an order.

Understanding of the Industry

Throughout Texas and Louisiana, finding the industrial bearing suppliers that specialize in systems in your industry is also a benefit to your business. These are companies that can be instrumental in assisting in troubleshooting issues, in providing tech support if need, and in providing information and recommendations to lower the costs and increase the life cycle of systems.

For most companies, working with an industrial bearing supplier with a 24/7 emergency service is also essential. This ensures no matter when you require parts or assistance; there is someone to get your order shipped immediately.