Posted - September 8, 2017

Dodge continues to provide their customers with high-quality, durable power transmission products. Dodge bearings are considered by many manufacturing companies in Texas to be among the very best. At BK Industrial Solutions, we have a strong partnership with Dodge to ensure all our customers have access to the different types of bearings this company has to offer, including the famous Type E.

The Type E Bearing

The Type E bearing came to market in 1938, their second bearing to offer (The first was Type C in 1923). The family of Type E bearings – including the E-Xtra bearing, possesses specific properties. They are:

  • Pre-lubricated – Today this consists of a lithium or lithium-complex base grease
  • Preassembled
  • Factory adjusted
  • Easy and fast to Install – The above characteristics ensure this is possible Possesses a V-ring seal in addition to the standard “R” seal system
  • XTS triple-lip seal – This is available in the E-Xtra bearing as added protection for those products operating within wet and dusty environments,

The Type E family of Dodge bearings are high capacity bearings. The addition of certain accessories will further enhance their capabilities in this area making them more adept at serving such demanding industries in mining and aggregates.

Dodge Bearing: The E Family

For the past 120 plus years, Dodge has been involved in producing products and have continually proven their dedication to providing their clients with quality, viable items. From the initial marketing of Type C bearing in 1923, to the Type E family in 1938, to the Type K in 1965 and the new enhanced Type E-Xtra in 2011, Dodge bearings have remained true to their approach. With every type of bearing, they have continued to prove to their customers that their bearings will continue to meet any of the growing demands industry throws at them. At BK Industrial Solutions, we will provide customers within Texas and the surrounding region, with the best Dodge has to offer you. To learn more, call BK Industrial Solutions at (409) 838-1641.