Posted - July 18, 2016
Screw Conveyor in Louisiana

When a lot of material needs moving, industries often look to screw conveyors to get the job done. The conveyor uses and inclined, spiraling plane to move material to a desired location. At BK Industrial Solutions, we specialize in mechanical power transmission systems. These include the screw conveyor. Louisiana is home to a number of industries including forestry, agriculture, and chemicals where conveyors are routinely utilized.

How a Screw Conveyor Operates

Their operation is rather simple. Each conveyor has a spiral screw that stretches along a desire distance. It can be fully enclosed in cylinder, or lay in a trough. One end of the conveyor moves material upward through a spiraling motion. The material can be liquid, semi-liquid, or granular in nature.

Many agricultural operations use utilize conveyors for agriculture applications. Grain can easily be moved, along with other bulk substances. There are, notably, a number of design benefits with respect to flexible conveyors as well. For vertical projects and conveyances, the conveyor occupies minimal space while handling large volumes of material. The screw is adjustable, so applicators can adjust how fast the screw turns. Another benefit is their construction does not generally damage any materials that are transported inside. Grain, crushed rock, powders, and even semi-liquids can be moved with equal ease.

Conveyor benefits:

  • Can handle large quantities of bulk material
  • Some conveyors can be adapted to allow material to be conveyed to multiple locations
  • They are compact and easily adjustable to congested area
  • Can be used to mix products
  • Conveyors can be used to heat, cool, or dry products in transit.
  • They can also be designed to hold an internal pressure when transporting toxic materials

Conveyors are Working Hard

We know that productivity of a company’s operations depends on moving products with speed and efficiency. Conveyor systems help companies to meet those challenges head on. Conveyors can be utilized for heating, cooling, mixing, aerating, and batching. Whether companies need a single component, or a complete, engineered system, a full service supplier is the way to go. The screw conveyor has been around for some time now. While there have been technology advances, they are still working hard to move massive amounts of material in much the same was as in the past.