Posted - November 2, 2016
  • Who is Baldor electric motors?
    • Baldor Electric Motors are highly energy efficient electric motors that can be used for a host of applications including water pumps and general purpose applications.
  • Different kinds of Baldor motors
    • Baldor motors are available both as DC and AC variants. Moreover, Single-phase and three- phase AC motors are available for both large and medium-sized industrial applications.
    • These motors are available in many variants of construction enclosures that can be totally enclosed solid iron designs that are available in both single and triple-phase configurations.
    • The ‘Super E’ series of motors provide ‘NEMA Premium efficiency’ and are inverter ready right out of the box. Moreover, they are available at different torque speeds.
  • Why Baldor Motors
    • The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007) along with many other energy efficiency standards have gone a long way in significantly increasing the performance requirements for motors. This is why it is becoming not just convenient, but even necessary, to replace old, inefficient motors with these newer breeds of energy efficient, highly durable machines. This will not only help curb wasteful emissions, but also act towards compliance with all the local and regional regulations.
  • Where to find Baldor motors?

We are an independent distributor of industrial motors, bearings, and other power-transmission equipment, and provide our services in the southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana regions. We also retail our products online all over the country.