Posted - May 16, 2017

If you are looking for a product that embraces the latest technological innovations while delivering high quality and value for its price, consider Baldor electric motors. At BK Industrial Solutions, we offer a variety of different types of Baldor motors knowing that our Texas, and Louisiana customers understand and appreciate the capabilities of these electric motors. The company continues to move forward, providing pioneering advances as they strive to improve an already excellent product.

Why Purchase Baldor Electric Motors?
This company understands the needs to provide their customers with products that not only meet but also exceed high standards of production and quality. They work to enhance their existing products with increasingly sophisticated improvements working to ensure the products match the requirements of their customers. Proof of this dedication is in the characteristics of their electric motors. Baldor electric motors are:

  • Explosion proof – ensuring the safety of employees
  • Large – with increased capacity to handle even the biggest jobs
  • Power dense
  • Energy efficient – such optimization ensures low operating costs
  • Durable
  • Reliable

Their motors are also characterized by

  • Variable horsepower – ranging from 1/50th through 15,000 Hp
  • Smooth torque transitions
  • Minimal cogging
  • Increased running time during maintenance periods
  • A variety of enclosures
  • Various brush lengths

Such advantageous designs and use of technology apply to all their offerings including their AC and DC electric motors. All derive benefits from the company’s adherence to a strict quality code.

Baldor Electric Motors

At BK Industrial Solutions, our staff will proudly work with your specifications to find the best possible single or three phase Baldor electric motor for your company. Their lien of electric motors stands high in overall excellence of quality and durability. Our staff is a proud component of our distribution center for Baldor and other excellent companies. We focus on delivering superior products throughout Texas, and Louisiana. Talk to our team of professionals about how we can help you and your company.