Posted - October 27, 2017

Thanks to their precision and accurately balanced engineering, pillow block bearings in Texas and many other parts of the country are ubiquitous. They have different applications and are used in industries where a broad range of machinery is used. They are used where light machinery is used such as in packaging as well as where heavy machinery is used such as in construction.

Pillow Block Bearing Designs

These bearings are made to support a rotating shaft, and some are made as one piece while others come as separate pieces. Coming with a mounting or housing surface on which machinery is loaded, while another part supports this surface and the shaft. This holds the outer rings of bearings still while giving the inner rings space to move.

Metals Used to Make Southeast Texas Pillow Block Bearings

The bearings may be made of different metals depending on function or purpose. Bearings may be made of aluminum which has a high load capacity and can conduct heat. Others are made of pressed steel and are typically used to carry loads that are not very heavy or where precision and high performance are required. Stainless steel is also used to make those needed for applications that need resistance to corrosion.

Types of Southeast Texas Pillow Block Bearings

Pillow block bearings have different types of bearings made to suit their different application. One type is plain bearings. These are commonly used in linear applications where no-friction motion and high performance are required. The bearings may be made of plastic, bronze, or metal alloy.

Then there are ball bearings. They are used on pillow blocks that are used to carry heavy loads at high performance. Ball bearings provide motion without friction because of the set of balls that are placed between the inner and outer rings.

Roller bearings are another option. These are ideal for pillow block bearings with rotary motion application. They use rollers or cylinders between the inner and outer rings, and a variety of bearings are available to suit different applications, specifications, and structures.

Lastly, there are needle roller bearings. They are similar to roller bearings except for the fact that smaller cylinders are used to separate the inner and outer rings.

Go for the Best

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