V-Belt Sheaves
power transmission v-belt sheaves
well-engineered belt drive system

A well-engineered belt drive system transmits power efficiently from the motor to the driven equipment, and reduces shock loads introduced in the process. These drives are also called friction drives, because they work by the adherence of belt and pulley. Professional engineering of your belt drive system is a must, to reduce slip and creep, issues which can lead to premature failure and equipment downtime.

BK Industrial Solutions offers power transmission v-belt sheaves, and heavy duty oilfield sheaves, both in-stock and special order parts to your specifications. We offer power transmission sheaves in all sizes and power ratings. ensuring quality and reliability for your rotating equipment projects. Our top brands include Dodge, IDC Select, and Martin. Offering these industry-leading brands allows us to deliver typically 92% to 95% drive efficiency.

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