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High-Quality V Belts Available Through B K Industrial Solutions

If you are in the market for classic industrial supplies, including classic v belts, then BK Industrial Solutions has you covered. We offer classic A, B, C, D and E cross-section industrial belts from some of the best brands, including Bando, Carlisle, Jason Industrial and Mitsuboshi. A friction belt drive system transmits power efficiently from the motor to the equipment, and can be seen in use in anything from a car to a piece of manufacturing equipment. With a wide range of brands and models to choose from, our classic v belts and classic belts work for a variety of industries, beyond just manufacturing.

Another use for classic v belts is in engine transmissions. Whether it is for a car or a piece of construction equipment, many of the older engines designed before the 2010s relied heavily on a timing chain for their transmission. For this reason, our classic v belts can also be used as a solution for fixing a classic transmission.

For more information on our extensive selection of classic v belts, contact B K Industrial Solutions at 409-838-1641, or use our online form to request a free quote. Our staff of industry professionals is happy to help guide you step by step to find the perfect solution for your operation’s needs.